Winter musings , don’t sit and fester , go outdoors and breathe that air

It’s so easy to switch that telly on , boil the kettle again and sit down on the sofa and veg out, it’s too cold or wet to go camping , festivals seem a dim and distant memory and the warmth of the sun seems even further away .


We are lucky enough to be based in Exeter , in glorious Devon , its a 30 minute drive to the nearest beach ( when traffic isn’t too busy , a 30 minute drive to Dartmoor , and about a 15 minute walk from most parts of the city to the countryside . As a bonus we have a great historical city , with Roman walls and ruins , underground passages and an amazing museum , plus the River Exe where all sorts of water sports take place . But some cities have lost their hostorical buildings and just seem dull dull dull , or do they .

We walk up and down city and town centres looking at row upon row of shop fronts , but look up , there’s some history in those buildings , the same ones you’ve walked past day after day .

There’s so much new stuff to see, things we’ve never noticed , sometimes because we drive everywhere we miss so much , give yourself some time , get outside and start noticing , the outdoor blues will soon lessen .

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