Lanoguard outdoor grease heavy duty grease , ultimate protection


This versatile multi-purpose grease is primarily suitable for heavy-duty lubrication and anti seize allocations. It provides instant waterproofing and will not be dislodged by power washing nor evaporate from exposure to heat or sun. Making it much longer lasting than petroleum grease.  Lanoguard Outdoor Grease can be used wherever petroleum grease is used, with the exception of high-speed bearings. It is ideal for pins, bushes, splines, shafts, battery terminals, as an anti-seize on nuts and bolts and can be used as rubber grease because it won’t perish rubber either.

There are many uses for Outdoor grease and once you understand the features and properties (take a look at our Features page) and how it works, you will start to work out many many more uses to save you Time, Hassle and Money.

Ultimate protecton for caravan feet, motor movers , any mechanical equipment exposed to rain , water, salt and more

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