Lanoguard outdoor spray caravan trailer and campervan lubricant 250ml



Lanoguard Outdoor spray is a must-have anti corrosion, anti seize and waterproofing spray for around your home, caravan, garden or for sports and leisure pursuits. It’s a light formula ensuring the residue is minimal whilst leaving a light lubrication behind too to things moving and seize free. Make sure you always have a bottle handy, you won’t know how you lived without it. From hinges and locks to whole electric motors and pumps, jack winding threads on caravans and reels on fishing rods, there are thousands of uses for this highly versatile anti corrosion spray. Keeping all your gear from corrosion, seizing and breaking. Saving you time, Hassle and Money.

This product doesn’t evaporate, so many times you use a grease base product and end up with dried out gunge that does nothing but attract dust and grit , this product is completely natural , doesn’t degrade , doesn’t attract dust . grit and is non toxic , has a wide operating temperature range than any petroleum products

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There is also an awesome marine range , call us for details



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